A short story and introduction to the world of the Witcher

Introduction to the world of the Witcher

The world of the Witcher is a fantasy fictional universe created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and described by him in the Witcher Saga series of novels. The series consists of 8 books that describe the adventure of a Witcher from Rivia named Geralt. The world resembles Europe of the late middle ages. Geralt of Rivia is one of the last witchers who helps people get rid of various monsters for payment.

The first two books are a collection of stories about Geralt’s travels. In the second book «The Sword of Destiny», Geralt first meets Ciri, who has wonderful abilities and later becomes his pupil. The plot of the following books will be built around Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Dandelion, and many other characters in the world of the Witcher.


In addition to people, the world of the Witcher is inhabited by a variety of creatures, many of which are taken from Slavic mythology. In the world there are elves — one of the oldest inhabitants of the continent, in contrast to Western European fiction, in the world of the Witcher, the elves are insidious and sometimes quite cruel. Humans and elves can have children from each other (Yennefer is a good example).

Representative of the elf race in the Witcher's world

Sometimes in the woods there are very rare humanoid creatures — sylvans, who like to make jokes on people. In the swamps, you can find a lot of creatures, such as kikimore. In the forest of Brokilon live beautiful warriors dryads and etc…


In the world of the Witcher, creatures are also divided into races. The youngest but most numerous race is humans. Then there are the elves, who believe in their own superiority and consider themselves perfect. Dwarves — are small in stature and look like people, most of them traders and artisans. One of the most ancient races is the gnome, very small creatures with long pointed ears and a long nose. Halflings — escarole and barefoot, very similar to hobbits from Lord of the Rings world. Vodyanoy (fishpeople) — intelligent underwater race of creatures that are extremely rare. Vampires are creatures that came to the continent during a global cataclysm called the Conjunction of Spheres. Dragons are a race of very rare flying sentient beings. The vrans are an ancient advanced race of intelligent humanoid lizards that created the first civilization of the continent in ancient times. And about dryads we already mentioned slightly earlier.

The representative of the race of dwarves Zoltan Chivay
Representative of the halfling race
Representative of the dryad race


There are several kingdoms on the continent. Temeria is one of the largest and most powerful Northern kingdoms, which is of great strategic and political importance. Redania is a very rich and powerful Kingdom located in the North of the continent. Kaedwen — with its capital at Ard Carraigh controlled by king Henselt, is the most aggressive Kingdom of the North. Aedirn is One of the largest kingdoms in the North. Kingdooms of Hengfors League (Kingdom of Narok, Talgar, Velhad and Hengfors) — Hengfors League in the world of the Witcher is called a legally binding union of smaller kingdoms of the North (enclosed in Hengfors town, the capital of kingdoom eponymouse ). The League also includes Malleore Kingdom and Principality Caingorn (subsequently excluded). Cintra is a small but prosperous Kingdom with a favorable strategic location at the mouth of the Yaruga river, bordered by the nilfgaard province of Nazair and other smaller kingdoms.

The Witcher - map of the continent