The walkthrough of Beast of White Orchard mission

The Beast of White Orchard

This is one of the main quests of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game. In this quest, you will need to kill a rare monster called a Griffin.


  • Use your witcher senses to find the hunter.
  • Ask the hunter where he found the bodies.
    • Kill the wild dogs (if the witcher decided to help the Mislav)
  • Talk to the hunter.
  • Follow the hunter.
  • Examine the site of the nilfgaardian soldiers death using your witcher senses.
  • Follow the nilfgaardian soldiers tracks using your witcher senses.
  • Search the griffin’s nest using your witcher senses.
  • Ask the herbalist about buckthorn.
  • Find some buckthorn on the riverbed using your witcher senses.
  • Talk to Vesemir.
  • Meet Vesemir in the field where you plan to ambush the griffin.
  • Kill the griffin.
  • Take a trophy from the griffin’s corpse.
  • Collect your reward from the nilfgaardians.


The task is activated automatically after a conversation with the commander of the nilfgaardian garrison Peter Saar Gwynleve. We need some preparation to kill the Griffin. As an help, the commander was advised us to go to the hunter Mislav and the herbalist Tomira. The order does not matter here, we go to the herbalist Tomira to find out from her where the grass under the name of Buckthorn grows. After talking to her, you can try to help the dying herbalist Lina, thereby activating the task «On Death’s Bed». Regardless of your decision, Tomira will tell us where the Buckthorn grows, this place will be the bottom of the local river. Let’s go and collect the grass.

A place where you can find Buckthorn

Next, we go to the hunter Mislav, but he is not at home and you need to use the witcher’s sense to find him. We find him not far away, he tracking wild dogs. Geralt asks where Mislav found the bodies of the Nilfgaard soldiers who were killed by Griffin, and the hunter promises to show this place. But first, he asks for help in killing wild dogs. Whether you kill them or not depends on your choice. For the quest, you will get 315-350 units of experience. Dogs are very weak (1 level). Having killed them, the Mislav not without our interest begins a frank conversation. After listening to the story, you get 350 experience and go to the place where the Griffin killed the nilfgaardian soldiers.

Wild dogs in the task Beast from the White Garden
Hunter Mislav

When we arrive at the scene, we find a lot of bloodstains. Now we need to find traces of where the nilfgaardian troops came from, to do this, we use the witcher’s sense. Find the ruined nest of the Griffin, with the help of the same witcher’s sense, Geralt learns the reason for the Griffin’s attack on people. After that, we go to Vesemir to ask for advice about traps for the Griffin. Geralt tells to Vesemir everything He could find out about the Griffin and they agree to set a trap near the village, in the middle of a field. On the field, Vesemir gives Geralt a crossbow, which will be very useful in a fight with a Griffin.

Griffon bait location

The fight with Griffin will not be very difficult, even for a novice. But a little food and drink to restore health is always better to have with you. Use the Quen sign to absorb damage and Igni when the Griffin is on the ground. When the Griffin swoops on you, shoot him with a crossbow, it will knock him down and he will fall to the ground, then use Igni and deal damage. You can strike hard, but be prepared to dodge counter attacks.

After killing Griffin, collect the loot and head, then take it to Peter Saar Gwynleve. This completes the mission.


As a reward for killing Griffin, Peter Saar Guinhawa says that Yennefer is in Vizima. And also offers Geralt a reward — 135-150 crowns and 240-300 units of experience, or 400-500 units of experience if you refuse money.

Important Info!
Time to choose a reward is limited.

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